Roehampton Garden Society

All about the RGS Shredder – March 18th 11.30am.

Demonstration of the RGS Shredder
Sunday 18 March 11.30am at the STORE
You may know that there is a large electrical SHREDDER on site 2 (near the Store) that has been out of order for a while. However it has recently been serviced by one of our plot holders, John Ireland, and is ready for use.

John has agreed to show plot holders how to use the shredder properly to prevent the problems that plagued it in the past. Only plot holders who have had this explained to them will be allowed to use the shredder.

If you are unable to come along on Sunday 18 March there will be further opportunities available later. Please let us know if you would be interested.
Shredded waste material makes wonderful compost!

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