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Swallows and Swifts

We can look forward to the return of our migratory birds over the next four weeks.   Swallows, swifts, wagtails et al, will arrive with one thing in their minds, to nest.  There are Swift boxes attached to the walls of a couple of houses bordering our allotments and Huntingfield Road.  The Swifts arrived last year on the seventh of May, I will report back, when I see them this year.

Bill Young

Migratory birds all need somewhere to nest. Their chicks need good shelter from sudden cold spells – which also reduce their food supply.

Swifts will come back to the same nest year after year. They like high, deep crevices to nest, but because we’ve lost many old houses and buildings, and as roof spaces are filled or mended, their numbers have declined dramatically and they are now on the UK Red list of conservation concern. Fix a wooden swift box to the outside of your home to give them somewhere to nest. You can build your own swift box, or if you are short on time or DIY skills, you can buy a ready-made swift box If you have space, a Swift box in a warm, sheltered spot might help.


Find out how to make a swift box here

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