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Vanishing tadpoles – but a newt survives….

Several people have asked me why, the tadpoles within their allotment ponds, have suddenly disappeared.  Tadpoles ideal habitat is plenty of pond algae, pond weed, vitally – light and warmth.  Unfortunately the night temperatures over the last fortnight, (mid-April) have worked against them. That is the probable cause, for their sudden disappearance, small tadpoles aren’t robust enough to withstand the cold night-time temperatures.

Albert’s Pond – Its with great delight that I can report the return of Jaws!  I chucked in a handful of slugs and snails into the pond, all garnered from my allotment.  Then out from under the pond weed swam Jaws, as bold as brass, he helped himself to a nice fat juicy slug.  His spotted orange tail is quite distinctive, he must be between 12/14 cm. in length.  I’m afraid that newts are big predators of tadpoles. This is balanced out by adult frogs and toads, in turn, eating small juvenile newts. They are especially vulnerable once on land, when they are looking for a suitable place to hibernate. 

Smooth or Common Newt

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