Roehampton Garden Society

Planting and Growing

Getting the most out of your allotment can be a challenge:

  • Growing things that give you pleasure both to eat and to look at
  • Nurturing the soil for healthy crops
  • Encouraging wildlife and polinators
  • Reducing pest damage and disease without environmental harm
  • Planning ahead to match production to your needs, avoiding feast and famine.

Don’t worry if your knowledge base is small – there is a wealth of experience to draw upon amongst your fellow allotmenteers, not to mention the web – but start slowly, growing easy crops such as potatoes and tomatoes and then, as your experience and confidence grow so too can your repertoire.

How can we do it? Check out the information on this website. Organic Gardening advice and Plot jobs Month by Month are to be found in this section. Our Planting Guide will help you plan ahead and checking your soil type may help you get good results. There is also an Online Resources page.

Remember that other allotmenteers are often happy to help – don’t be afraid to ask a neighbour, or come to the store on a Sunday morning.