Roehampton Garden Society

The Store now opens on a Saturday as well!

Through March and April The Store will open on Saturdays 9am-11am as well as on Sundays 10am-12noon.

Stocking seeds for planting now, weed suppressant fabric, and fertilisers sold loose – start the growing year with everything you need.

  • 1m x 10m rolls of Weed Suppressant at £7.50 per roll (1m x 10m). This has a weight of 100g per square metre which makes this strong enough to act as a good ground cover that will last for several years.
  • Growmore (£1.00 per kilo) is a popular non-organic fertiliser.  Apply every 4-6 weeks throughout the growing season from February to the end of October. Use as a top dressing, or as a base dressing, working it into the soil. During dry weather water before and after application.
  • Bonemeal (£1.00 per kilo). Fork into the soil before planting or apply under roots when planting out.
  • Fish, Blood and Bone (£1.00 per kilo). Apply as a top dressing to the soil surface and  fork in well.
  • Seaweed Meal (£2.00 per kilo). Sprinkle onto you beds before planting or when plants need a boost. Add a few handfuls to your compost heap to add minerals and boost microorganisms.  You can also add a handful to potting soil before planting seeds or when potting on.
  • Chicken Manure Pellets (£1.00 per kilo or £6.00 for an 8 kilo bucket). Apply in Spring as a base fertiliser when preparing your beds for planting. Apply an additional feed 3-4 weeks after planting.
  • Onion Fertiliser (£1.50 per kilo). Apply to your onions 3 weeks after planting and then continue with applications every 3-4 weeks.
  • Lime (£0.50 per kilo). Apply 4-6 weeks in Spring before planting brassicas.
  • Enviromesh. This is sold by the metre (£4.00 per metre, 3.6 m

All about the RGS Shredder – March 18th 11.30am.

Demonstration of the RGS Shredder
Sunday 18 March 11.30am at the STORE
You may know that there is a large electrical SHREDDER on site 2 (near the Store) that has been out of order for a while. However it has recently been serviced by one of our plot holders, John Ireland, and is ready for use.

John has agreed to show plot holders how to use the shredder properly to prevent the problems that plagued it in the past. Only plot holders who have had this explained to them will be allowed to use the shredder.

If you are unable to come along on Sunday 18 March there will be further opportunities available later. Please let us know if you would be interested.
Shredded waste material makes wonderful compost!

Incredible Edible Seed Swap at the Garden Museum 27th Jan

The newly renovated GARDEN MUSEUM next to Lambeth Palace is running a
FREE SEED SWAP event on Sat 27 Jan 1.00-3.00pm (no booking required).

What will you grow in 2018?

Start getting your ideas together and swap seeds, seedlings or small
plants with other gardeners.

You can bring seeds that you have saved from your own plants or packets
of seeds to split. We will also have some seeds to buy and Franchi Seeds
have generously supplied us with some free seeds to share too.

On the day you can also hear from a local seed saver about the best ways
to save and store seed.
The Garden Museum
5 Lambeth Palace Road
London SE1 7LB
The Garden Museum also has several interesting exhibits: find out more here

Celebrate the RGS at the AGM and Prizegiving – Wed 15th Nov

*******Change of venue*******

Now in St. Margaret’s Church, Putney Park Lane.

Read the AGM Reports using the links below

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Site 2             Site 3             WaitingList        Nominations

We will start at 7pm with light refreshments followed by BUSINESS at
7.30 and PRESENTATION OF CUPS AND PRIZES at 8pm, when we hope that our
President the Rt Hon Justine Greening MP will join us and further more
substantial refreshments will be available.



Plot inspections and rubbish collection

Time to tidy your plot for winter. The 4 monthly plot check will take place in early November.

The rubbish collection by Wandsworth will be between 13th Nov and 28th Nov. No exact date has been given.

Please leave your NON-COMPOSTABLE ALLOTMENT WASTE in the usual area as
tidily as possible. (Each site will have signs.)

Problems or difficulties? Please contact your site secretary.