Roehampton Garden Society

November jobs on your allotment

  • Continue to clear all plant debris from plots. Do not add blighted tomatoes to your compost, but burn or take to the dump.
  • Tidy up and re-cut grass path edges where the grass has encroached on your plot.
  • Empty compost heaps and use the well-rotted dark crumbly material.
  • Apply a 5cm layer of well-rotted compost or manure to bare plots or cover bare areas with brown cardboard weighed down with damp grass clippings. (Country Natural rotted stable manure available in store)
  • Add layers of the un-composted stable manure from the piles to your compost heaps and spread thinly on bare soil to rot down over winter.
  • Prepare a winter compost trench for next season’s moisture loving plants such as sweet peas, runner beans or squashes. Dig a trench a spade deep and fill with kitchen vegetable waste covering each additional layer with soil.
  • Continue to sow overwintering broad beans. (Available in store- Aquadulce, The Sutton and De Monica and the organic Super Aquadulce)
  • Sow hardy peas (Available in store-Var. Serge) either straight into the ground under fleece or 3 to a 9”pot to be planted out when the roots reach the bottom.
  • Sow peas for pea shoots in a box or gutter in the green house or windowsill for salad or risotto at Christmas time. (Available in store- var. Serge)
  • Sow boxes of cut-and-come-again salads in the green house or a sheltered spot covered with fleece. (Fleece for sale in store)
  • Finish planting onion sets and garlic. (Varieties-Senshyu Yellow and Winter Red onions and Caulk White and Elephant garlic. Carcassone may be planted from November to January. All available in store)
  • Order bare root trees now for the best selection.
  • Fix grease bands to fruit trees to protect against winter moth. (Grease bands available in store)
  • Start winter pruning of apples and pears.
  • Keep overwintering brassicas covered with netting to prevent pigeon damage. (Netting available in store)
  • Stake tall brassicas against wind damage.
  • Sow green manures early in the month such as grazing rye. (Green manures available in store)
  • Start to harvest winter cabbage, Brussels sprouts and leeks. Wait until after frosts for parsnips as they will be sweeter.
  • Clean the greenhouse to maximise light levels and before the water is turned off in December.

with thanks to Georgina O’Reilly

Celebrate the RGS at the AGM and Prizegiving – Wed 15th Nov

*******Change of venue*******

Now in St. Margaret’s Church, Putney Park Lane.

Read the AGM Reports using the links below

Agenda   Chairman    Accounts      Trading     Shows     Bulletin

Site 2             Site 3             WaitingList        Nominations

We will start at 7pm with light refreshments followed by BUSINESS at
7.30 and PRESENTATION OF CUPS AND PRIZES at 8pm, when we hope that our
President the Rt Hon Justine Greening MP will join us and further more
substantial refreshments will be available.



Plot inspections and rubbish collection

Time to tidy your plot for winter. The 4 monthly plot check will take place in early November.

The rubbish collection by Wandsworth will be between 13th Nov and 28th Nov. No exact date has been given.

Please leave your NON-COMPOSTABLE ALLOTMENT WASTE in the usual area as
tidily as possible. (Each site will have signs.)

Problems or difficulties? Please contact your site secretary.

Putney Community Gardens invite you to a Harvest Celebration 11th Nov

We have just received this invitation to a HARVEST CELEBRATION organised by our friends “Putney Community Gardens”:  See the full invitation HERE

We’re pleased to invite you, your family, friends and neighbours to join us and other community gardeners from Wandsworth to a harvest celebration on November the 11th to mark the successful completion of the pilot Pollinator Paths project which many of you have been a part of. 

The celebration will be family friendly and will take place ON SATURDAY 11 NOVEMBER at the Penfold Center in Wandsworth Town, 1 Neville Gill Close, SW18 4TJ, from 13:00 – 16:00.

Further information may be found in the attached document. Please feel free to share this with your networks!

Please also note that our weekly gardening session is now held from 10-12 on a Sunday to account for winter timings. Do message us if you’d like to join!

From Rowan and everyone at Putney Community Gardens!

Time for the AGM and Prizegiving – 15th November

 All members are welcome at the AGM and Prizegiving in St. Margaret’s Hall. The new format AGM will be a very social affair, with drinks from 7pm, RGS business from 7.30pm and prizegiving at 8.00. All followed by refreshments in the upper hall from 8.30pm. Come and join us in celebrating the year.

 Any nominations for Committee positions and Other Business for the AGM by 12 November, please.

Bonfire night parties for 2017

Bonfire night parties for 2017

  • Bonfire Party Site 3 (Dover House Road) Saturday 4 November 5pm
  • Bonfire Party Site 2 (The Pleasance) Sunday 5 November 4.30pm

All Welcome

Everyone is invited to both the BONFIRE PARTIES next weekend: Saturday
4th on Site 3 (Dover House Road) and Sunday 5th on Site 2 (The
Pleasance). Both fires will be lit at dusk (approx 5pm). Bring some

The fire on Site 2 is on common land and is one to which plot holders on
that site may add dry woody waste ONLY.

The fire on Site 3 is on an individual plot and must not be added to.
Some food and drink will be provided but please try and bring your own.

Next weekend you may also have a small bonfire on your own plot. You
must attend it at all times with a connected water hose on stand by.
When you leave site your bonfire must be fully extinguished. YOU MUST

Thank you and see you next weekend!