Roehampton Garden Society


The Roehampton Garden Society functions according to its Constitution and Rules, administered by its President, the Vice Presidents and the Committee.

The RGS Committee is an elected body that administers the Roehampton Garden Society on behalf of its members and the Allotments on behalf of Enable (Wandsworth Borough Council). Officers are appointed at the Annual General Meeting, held in November each year.

A monthly, minuted, meeting is held on the first Sunday of each month (except August and January) where the business of the Society is discussed and problems arising from the plots and other issues are resolved.

If you want to bring an issue to the attention of the Committee, or wish to join it, please email the Society via our Contact page.

RGS Committee 2022-2023
Helen Finch = Chair
Jackie Savage = Vice Chair, Communications
Carol Martinez = Treasurer, Bulletin Editor and Show Chair
Catherine Maunsell-Bower = Legal
Vivien Fowler = Site 3 Secretary (outer area plots 50-100)
Alison Linton = Site 3 Secretary (inner area plots 101-127), Waiting List Secretary
Gill Tamsett = Trading Secretary
Greg Willcox = Store Manager
Patrick Crawford = Buildings, Facilities and Lease Negotiator
Sue Hodgson = Site 2 Committee Member
Annie Hardinge = Site 2 Committee Member, Seeds
Kate Hunt = Site 3 Committee Member
Shan Karwatowska = Site 3 Committee Member
Jeremy Cole – Site 3 Committee Member
Richard Standen Site 3 Committee Member
Officers (non voting)
Jean Crawford = Website Manager
Robert Linton = Membership Secretary
Charles Gillbe = Site Manager liaison with Enable (Wandsworth)