Roehampton Garden Society


Wandsworth residents over the age of 18 may lease an allotment. We do have a waiting list and welcome those waiting as members if they wish to join. Applications are dealt with in strict chronological order.

You may not lease a plot on more than one allotment site in Wandsworth. If you take a plot on one of our sites you agree to give up any on other allotment sites in the Borough. No household may lease more than 5 rods in total.

When you take on an allotment you sign a tenancy agreement with RGS and Enable (Wandsworth Borough Council).
You agree to abide by the site rules of the RGS. All agreements and rules are downloadable from our Plotholder Agreements section. There are also clear policies on how we manage allotment issues. Please do take time to read these documents.

There are some shared responsibilites on the sites, for instance each plot holder must help to maintain the grass paths. There are also reasonable requirements for what can be grown, for keeping bees or chickens and size restrictions for trees and sheds. See our Plotholder Agreements section.

Costs are made up of the rental and other charges, such as for water – see Costs Explained.

Starting an allotment can be a daunting process, but there will be help and advice from other members, and much enjoyment in the results. Most of the things you need can be bought in the Store on a Sunday morning. For first steps see our Starting Out section.

For crop planning and gardening advice do check out our Growing Things section.

Join our Waiting List

If you would like to join our allotment waiting list, please let us know using our waiting list contact form.