Roehampton Garden Society

Costs Explained

RGS Annual Membership Subscripton

As from 1 April 2023 the membership subscription will be:

  • £8.00 (full member)
  • £4.00 (associate member)
  • £0.0 (life member)

Allotment Rental Costs

Rental Costs are set by Enable (W.B.C). From 1 April 2023 the charge per rod* will be:

  • £28.00 (full)
  • £20.90 (senior members – over 65)
  • £20.90 (disabled)

Additional costs
There are additional costs: membership of RGS (see above), insurance and water charges which can add up to approximately an additional £10-15 per year. The average plot holder currently pays between £75-95 per year.

Plot sizes
New tenants are usually offered plots of 2 to 3.5 rods.
An existing tenant (whose name is on the Primary Waiting List) may be offered plots as additional land up to the maximum total of 5 rods per household.
Historically plots varied between 1 and 10 rods. As plots become vacant we consider dividing them, whilst taking into account the long-term manageability and integrity of the whole site.

*A “rod” means a “square rod” which equates to 25.3 square metres.

Rents are due on 1 April and Enable (W.B.C) may revise the prices each year.

Updated January 2023