Roehampton Garden Society

Online help

Find below online suggestions for making the most of your plot. For more specific queries we suggest that the RHS website is one of the best out there.

Space saving:

Square foot gardening and Main and Catch Crops  (Putney Community Gardens)

Herbs and Salad leaves in growing-bags (RHS)

Vegetables in containers (RHS)

Successional sowing (RHS)

Nurturing the Soil:

Everything you wanted to know about Composting (Carry on Composting)

How does Composting work? (Gardening Knowhow)

Soil Composition/What to put in your Compost Heap (Wandsworth Composting Project)

Composting (RHS)

Companion Planting:

Companion planting (Putney Community Gardens)

Companion planting (SAGA)


Wildlife on allotments (National Alloment Society)

Gardening for Bumblebees (Bumblebee Conservation Trust)

Honeybees and wild Polinators (National Alloment Society)

Reducing Pest Damage and Disease:

Create your own slug trap (Slugwatch)

Crop Rotation (RHS)

Planning Ahead:

Hardy vegetables for the winter (RHS)

Crops and produce advice (National Allotment Society)

How to plant your seeds and sets (Kings Seeds Video Gallery)