Roehampton Garden Society

Roehampton Garden Society AGM 2021

Welcome to the RGS AGM. We look forward to seeing you all.

Please find below the full agenda and Committee Reports

Agenda for 2021 AGM

1. Apologies.

2. Papers from distance AGM 2020

3. Chair’s report– included amendment in the document ‘Offering Plots to let’ for approval by the membership:

4. Treasurer’s report and Accounts

5. Other Committee papers: from Site Secretaries, Trading Secretary, Show Chair, Waiting list Secretaries. These on website only.

6. Questions from the floor

7. Election of Committee 2021/22

8. Any Other Business

9. Presentation of Cups

10. Refreshments

Committee Reports AGM 2021

Chair’s report

Last year we were unable to have a real AGM so were not able to welcome our new President, Fleur Anderson to our meeting. This year she will be with us and has kindly agreed to present the prizes. It has been lovely to see her at both the Summer and Autumn shows meeting members and gamely participating in the auctions.
What has the RGS achieved over the last year? The communal area on site 3 is now fully operational and used a lot…….

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Trading Secretary’s Report

Yet again, this year has had its challenges. Due to the second Lockdown, we could not open the Store after the December break. However, realising that the early months of the year are crucial to start growing things, we introduced a ‘Click and Collect’ scheme whereby members could order a small selection of products online and then collect them from the Store on Site 2. These included seeds, seed potatoes, onion sets, garlic, shallots and a limited selection of composts and fertilisers………

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Show Chair’s Report

It was good to get back to having shows in 2021 after both had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, the only time this has happened since the shows started back in the 1870s was during the wars. Our oldest cup dates back to 1906.
The Summer show in June was held on one of the hottest days of the year on Site 2. It is a smaller, simpler show as there are less fruits and vegetables around but more flowers – especially roses……

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Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report for Financial Year 1st Oct 2020 to 30th September 2021…

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Site 2 Secretary’s Report

Everything about gardening is for me personal, creative and therapeutic. Being a simple grower, however, my cultivation prowess extends only to low maintenance and everyday plants that I like to eat. I am fortunate, therefore, to be able to continue to derive great pleasure from observing the beauty and variety of plants in our vegetable gardens while they miraculously defy our unpredictable weather to reward the patience and considerable efforts of our
creative allotmenteers…….

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Site 3 Secretary’s Report (Inner Area Plots 101-127 )

Last year 8 plots changed hands, this year we have only welcomed 2 new plot holders! Some existing plot holders have moved to acquire more land (having been on the waiting list for more land) and one plot holder has ‘downsized’.
New water system: This is working well and we have had no complaints. There is quite a lot of algae in the water but is does no harm to plants……….

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Site 3 Secretary’s Report (Outer Area Plots 50-100 )

It has been a mixed year for my area – the damp and cool weather devastated our tomato crops whilst our beans and courgettes flourished!
Firstly – to express thanks to Helen Finch for her support – her judgement and knowledge are invaluable, and her guidance through the Covid pandemic enabled us to work on our plots throughout the lockdown periods. Thanks to my site secretary colleagues, Alison Linton and Catherine Maunsell-Bower for sharing and helping with problems. Our new social area on Site 3 is enjoyed by all – thanks to Jackie Savage for project managing its implementation and to all
those who have given plants and time to make it a success. The new water tanks are also a great success and appreciated by all. Heather Harrison has turned the muddy Huntingfield Road entrance into an attractive area with planting, pebbles and paving…………

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Waiting List report

Our Primary Waiting List has grown from 260 at this time last year to 350 this year. This seems to be in line with the increasing popularity of allotments in the whole of the UK and particularly in London…..

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Committee Members 2020-2021

Many committee members have remained in post. Nominations are proposed and seconded by members. New nominations for the committee are welcome before 12th November.

Committee Nominations 2021-2022

Helen Finch -Chair
Jackie Savage –Vice Chair, Store Seeds, Waiting list and Communications
Dorcas Johnson -Treasurer
Catherine Maunsell-Bower -Site 2 Secretary and Legal
Alison Linton -Site 3 Secretary (plots 50 to 100)
Vivien Fowler -Site 3 Secretary (plots 101 to 127)
Emma Blackwell – Committee member
Carol Martinez -Bulletin Editor and Show Chair
Gill Tamsett -Trading Secretary
Patrick Crawford -Buildings, Facilities and lease negotiator
Greg Willcox -Store Manager
Brenna Lattimore -Events
Mike Cooper -Security Manager

Sue Hodgson -Site 2 new committee member
Annie Hardinge -Site 2 new committee member
Kate Hunt -Site 3 new committee member
Shan Karwatowska -Site 3 new committee member

Non Voting officers:
Jean Crawford -Website manager
Robert Linton -Membership secretary
Charles Gillbe -Site Manager appointed by Enable [WBC])

Full reports from AGM 2020 available here