Roehampton Garden Society

April Plot Inspections – what you need to know

There will be a plot inspection this month.

The purpose of these inspections is to ensure plots are prepared to a reasonable standard, ready for cultivation. At this time of year the team would expect your plot to:

  • Have weeds removed
  • Have the soil prepared ready for cultivation
  • Have fruit trees – apple and pear – pruned
  • Have no excessive amounts of rubbish
  • Have the grass cut on the paths between plots. Please do not use weed killer on paths
  • Make sure there are no obstructions to the paths

For your information:

  • The normal width for paths on your plot is about 300mm (1 ft) between plots and 450mm (18 inches) for communal paths
  • perimeter plots only – 450mm (18 inches) path against neighbours’ fences. Needs to be easy to clear to enable neighbours to maintain their fences.

 If your plot is found to be badly neglected, we will contact you individually after the inspection. With many people on our waiting list we must ensure that allotment plots are not being wasted.

If there are any temporary circumstances which are preventing you being able to cultivate your plot please let us know by email to giving your phone number so that the site secretary can contact you.

Site 2:                                          Susan Bennett
Site 3: plots 50 to 100              Vivien Fowler
Site 3: plots 101 to 127               Richard Standen