Roehampton Garden Society

April Plot Inspections

There will be a plot inspection this month. Please make sure:

  • weeds are under control and your soil is prepared ready for planting
  • fruit trees are pruned
  • paths on your plot and the communal paths are maintained, and are about the right width – 300mm (1 ft) between plots and 450mm (18 inches) communal paths
  • accumulated rubbish is removed
  • perimeter plots only – 450mm (18 inches) path against neighbours’ fences needs to be easy to clear to enable neighbours to maintain their fences.

 Any problems? please email or contact your site secretary:

Site 2:                                          Helen Finch
Site 3: plots 50 to 100              Vivien Fowler
Site 3: plots 101 to 127               Alison Linton