Roehampton Garden Society

Getting the grass to grow…

If you’d like advice about growing and maintaining a lawn, there’s lots to read on the RHS website.

Try this special section of the RHS website all about lawns here. Starting from Seed; Spring and Summer care and a special ‘problems’ section make this a comprehensive read.

Seed lawns, Turf lawns, Chamomile lawns……advice on your own lawn month by month here

As the RHS so rightly says, “One person’s weedy lawn is another’s wild flower meadow”….

wildflower meadow

If you feel inspired to give the wild side a chance, the RHS has very good advice about how to put away the weedkillers and fertilisers and give your mower a rest! All you need to know about Lawn and Mini Meadow Habitats from the RHS.

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