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Peat Free is the Future

The Government have banned retail sale of all peat containing composts from next year. Plant growers will also have to stop using peat – container plants containing peat may only be sold up until 2026.

As gardeners, we know we have a responsibility to save peatlands, but alternatives have not always proved reliable or of good quality.

A fascinating talk by Catherine Dawson, a Senior Associate of Melcourt, who make Sylvagrow, highlighted the long and difficult process of producing an effective all round peat-free compost.

Each different mix can take years to trial, so it’s no wonder that some of the products rushed to market were not top quality and gave peat-free a bad name! Much better peat-free composts are now being produced, and the challenge is to supply the ever growing market, and do so sustainably. Catherine was positive that this could be achieved.

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