Roehampton Garden Society

Plot Inspections – what you need to know

Twice a year all the allotment plots are inspected by the Site Secretaries.

The purpose of these inspections is to ensure plots are being cultivated to a reasonable standard. At this time of year the team would expect your plot to:

• have plenty of crops which are being harvested
• at least 60% of the plot under cultivation
• have weeds under control, especially bindweed
• have no excessive amount of rubbish
• have the grass cut on the paths between plots (please do not use weed killer on paths)

If there is a problem with your plot, you will be contacted after the inspection. With many people on our waiting list we must ensure that allotment plots are not being wasted, but we understand that there may be temporary circumstances which are preventing your being able to cultivate your plot.

if you are having difficulty please contact your site secretary or email

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