Roehampton Garden Society

December jobs on your allotment

Maintaining soil and structures and planning ahead

  • Clear away any remaining plant debris from plots and compost if disease-free.
  • Earth up and check stakes on Brussels sprouts and other tall brassicas to prevent wind rock.

Sowing and planting

  • Protect autumn-sown broad beans with cloches during extended periods of frost.
  • Divide and replant rhubarb. For early tender stems, ‘force’ rhubarb by covering crowns with a dark-coloured bucket or terracotta rhubarb forcer.
  • Ventilate green houses on mild days to reduce diseases.
  • Continue to plant fruit trees and bushes if soil is not frozen.
  • Plant blackcurrants 5cm below the soil to encourage new shoots.
  • Plant fruit trees trained as cordons or espaliers to make good use of limited space. Check RGS website for guidance on permitted trees.
  • Plant blueberries in pots of ericaceous compost.


  • Prune grape vines before the end of the month, when dormant, to avoid sap bleeding.


  • Continue to harvest Brussels sprouts, kale and winter cabbage.

Gardening for wildlife

  • Feed birds regularly. Disinfect bird tables and water dishes regularly to avoid spreading disease.