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Thinking Ahead – preventing Tomato and Potato blight

Tomato and Potato Blight

Last year many of our outdoor tomatoes were destroyed by tomato blight and some plot holders also had potato blight to contend with. The key with potatoes is not to leave them too long in the ground once they are ready to harvest. 

We can also take precautions to minimise the risk. Don’t plant tomatoes or potatoes near each other, they are both solanums and will compete for the same nutrients and suffer the same diseases. And don’t plant them where potatoes and /or tomatoes were last year, if you can avoid it.”

Tomatoes are easy to grow and it is now time to sow some seeds under glass. We have the following blight resistant varieties in Store:

Cocktail Crush, Crokini, Fandango, Mountain Magic (said to be the best disease resistant tomato) and Black Opal

with thanks to Jackie Savage

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