Roehampton Garden Society

Jubilee Room Centenary Event

RGS members at the House of Commons

At our AGM last November when Fleur Anderson heard this year would be the RGS’s centenary year, she invited us to have an event at the House of Commons Jubilee Room as part of our centenary celebrations. Numbers had to be very restricted, so only members who have made a contribution to the running of RGS activities were invited. All costs were covered by those who attended the event.

It was a very special evening to remember in such an auspicious place. Fleur made it clear in her speech that she is very committed to preserving and supporting allotments and that environmental issues in general are very important to her. We are very fortunate to have Fleur as our President and MP who is so passionate about these important issues that are so in line with the values of RGS.

Fleur and her team made the evening run very smoothly and were very supportive in organising the event at our end too. The event was very enjoyable as a result – many thanks to Fleur and her team.

Helen Finch

What happened at the Plant Sale…

Notes from the Easter Sunday Plant Sale

On Site 2, Easter Sunday 17 April, we held a very successful Plant Sale in aid of Glass Door, a charity that partners with churches and community centres to give shelter and support for homeless people. Our local church, St Margaret’s actively supports this charity.

It was a lovely sunny day and the sale tables, filled with produce, looked very inviting under gazebos and bunting. Virtually everything was sold on the day, with the few remaining plants being sold on the following Sunday. We made just over £200, all of which goes to Glass Door.

Thanks go to Sue Hodgson, Carol Martinez, Gill Tamsett and Sylvie Willcox who helped on the Sunday, and to all those who donated plants without which the sale would not have been possible.

Vivien Fowler

The RGS and Local Schools

In order to make our lovely allotments accessible to children in our area who do not have families with plots or have a garden at home, we often welcome small groups from local schools to visit. Only one school, Paddock, rents a plot but there are visiting groups from other schools. Not only do the children learn about the seasons, the plants and the bugs but sometimes they get a real treat with a difference! Courtney,a pupil at Granard School, wrote:

On Mondays, we go to the allotments to see all the plants. This week we saw two dogs called Barley and Hugo and a cool cat called Simba. The dogs were cute and friendly to everyone. 

When Hugo saw us, he got very excited and started to jump and run around like a raccoon.  
Simba the cat is three years old.​​ When Simba saw Barley, he wanted to hunt, but instead he jumped up in the tree.  Simba loves going on trips by himself. When he was young, he would squeeze under the gate to reach the allotments. However, now he can’t go under the gate because he is too big. Simba loves going in the trees to look out for food. If you offer him some delicious treats, he will sit down and give you his paw. I like the way he looks. 

with thanks to Jackie Savage

Blooming Marvellous – the Putney Society starts a new campaign…

Putney is a great place to live but it would be even better if we could stem the wave of concrete burying our front gardens. If we all do our bit to turn our gardens green, together we can encourage wildlife, improve air quality, help to prevent flooding (by letting water drain into the earth and not down the drain) and enhance our health and wellbeing…..say the Putney Society

Click to read more – is your street included?

Launching a Garden Award scheme in Central Putney, over two weekends at the beginning of May, they will be offering plants and garden advice to residents of central Putney. Come along to plant stalls at the corner of Burstock Road and Montserrat Road on 7 May and at the corner of Chelverton Road and Charlwood Road on 14 May (10am to 2pm) to see find plants suitable for containers or small front gardens as well as growing advice.

Dahlias in store now

We are selling Dahlia tubers this year on trial basis. These will be available to buy at the Store on Site 2 from April 2 at £2 per tuber. We have 4 colours/types to chose from:

  • PREFERENCE: pure salmon flowers, height 1 metre.
  • AMBITION: bright purple flowers, height 1 metre.
  • RED RUNNER: scarlet red blooms with a crimson hint, height 80-90cm.
  • DARK SPIRIT: a pompom variety, with round dark burgundy flowers, height 1 metre.

Dahlia tubers can be planted 10cms deep, spaced 45cms apart, in fertile, well drained soil outdoors from April when the soil has warmed up and the risk of frost has passed.

Dahlias can be dug up and stored in a cool place over winter, or kept protected in the soil.

Apply a high potash fertiliser every few weeks in the Summer to promote growth and deadhead regularly.

As this is a trial, we have only bought a limited number of tubers, so do come to the Store soon if you are interested in buying these.

Gill Tamsett – Trading Secretary

Short Organic Food Growing Course – starting 23rd April

EcoLocal, a Carshalton based charity are running their successful short course to help you to grow your own healthy, organic food without harming the environment.
For further information and to book, visit

Comments from past students….

It’s a great mix of practical and theory so the information goes in twice and ensures you’re more likely to remember!” 
Very knowledgeable tutor”.
I had only just got an allotment so the 6 lessons were exactly in line with what I needed.”

The course teaches eco-friendly gardening; no-dig methods, crop rotation, organic pest control, making natural fertilisers and more. It’s suitable for beginner and intermediate growers. teaching is a mixture of theory and practice, allowing students to try out the skills they learn, understanding how to plan, so they can make the most of their veg patch or allotment.

Running over 6 Saturday mornings, beginning 23rd April 2022.

The course is face to face outdoors for the practical skills teaching elements, taught on the Carshalton Community Allotments, just a 5 minute walk from Carshalton station. The theory is taught live via Zoom on alternate weeks. More travel information

April Plot Inspections

There will be a plot inspection this month. Please make sure:

  • weeds are under control and your soil is prepared ready for planting
  •  fruit trees are pruned
  • paths on your plot and the communal paths are maintained, and are about the right width – 300mm (1 ft) between plots and 450mm (18 inches) communal paths
  • accumulated rubbish is removed
  • perimeter plots only – 450mm (18 inches) path against neighbours’ fences needs to be easy to clear to enable neighbours to maintain their fences.

 Any problems please email or contact your site secretary:

Site 2:                                          Catherine Maunsell-Bower
Site 3: plots 50 to 100              Vivien Fowler
Site 3: plots 101 to 127               Alison Linton