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A climate emergency centre for Wandsworth – initial event – 5th May 6.30-8.30pm

Wandsworth’s first Climate Hub in a space in Southside Shopping centre will inform people about the climate and ecological emergency, why the timing is critical and what can be done about it.
People may have some idea what the climate emergency is, but very little idea how serious it is, or what to do about it personally or collectively or the many ways there are to act.

Aa a result of a 12,500 strong petition, Wandsworth Council declared a climate emergency in 2019. The council is currently working on reducing its own emissions by 2030. The council’s emissions are estimated to be about 10% of the overall borough-wide emissions, leaving 90% for businesses and residents needing to tackle and support in order to migrate to a zero-carbon economy.

The Climate Hub intends:

  • to encourage people to walk and cycle more, become involved in tree planting, growers groups and ask for green walls in their buildings to improve air quality and so raise awareness and take action through greening and active travel.
  • to offer essential advice on energy fuel switching, debt alleviation, energy saving tips and home surveys.
  • to plan further positive community projects.
  • to demonstrate how people can be empowered to take choices on practical and helpful climate solutions.
  • to offer advice and support on transitioning to a low carbon diet, minimising food waste and cutting down on single-use plastic.

Initially it is planned to offer:

  • weekly energy advice sessions to help those struggling with their energy bills.
  • advice on renewables and energy efficiency data.
  • home carbon audit and later a heat pump offering.
  • host eco-action games days for families to provide an opportunity to learn more about climate action whilst playing games.

To find out more call in at the Southside Centre.

Are you part of an organisation that would like to link with the Climate Hub? Please email to find out more.

Come to the Climate Hub Initial event – bring your ideas with you! Book here

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