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Can you help the Putney Community gardeners

Dear Roehampton gardeners!

We’re writing to you from up the hill on Putney Community Gardens! This is our third year and we’re working hard and learning a lot! Some of our raised beds are East facing and surrounded by high blocks so have limited sunshine, they are also far from a water source.  We’ve decided that a few hardy pollinator friendly or forageable perennials is the way forwards with managing these plots.   We do our best to do swaps, find and use salvaged plants and take cuttings. We therefore wanted to reach out and ask if any of you might be in the process of thinning your perennials at this time of year? If you have any shrubs or cuttings to spare, we plan on visiting the allotments shop on the Pleasance on Sunday the 10th of February and would be delighted to pick up any plants going spare and spread the pollen up the hill!   Alternatively feel free to drop off any plants during our gardening session on February the 17th from 10-12 🙂

Thank you for reading and helping out! 

Rowan, Floriane, Blae and Charlotte from Putney Community Gardens

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