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How to Sow Seeds – from the RHS

Well – it’s certainly seed sowing season now! The RHS has been encouraging everyone to join in – and has produced some excellent advice with ideas for us all.

Faye, an RHS expert, is sharing seed sowing advice over on the RHS YouTube channel.
Watch her How-To videos and follow along for help and guidance sowing seeds of any size.

Here’s how to grow basil:

and here is the full play list on YouTube….

Spring Plant Fair at the Garden Museum

On Sunday 16th April the Garden Museum is hosting a Spring Plant Fair. Expert plant growers and specialist nurseries from around the country sell some of the best garden plants you’ll find in London.

This year’s fair also features a programme of talks and workshops on growing flowery annuals, seed sowing and increasing wildlife and biodiversity in small spaces, as well as a cookery demo and tasting in our studio kitchen. Book each talk online. Find out more here

Time & Place

16 Apr 2023
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Garden Museum

Entry £5 (£4 members)

Plant now for early crops of onions and garlic

Both onions and garlic do well if planted in the autumn. You may get a good early crop, which can then free up space for summer vegetables. The chances of garlic maturing well can increase, too. Autumn planted garlic is recommended as it requires a cold period when growing.

Growing Tips for ONIONS.

Plant now – before mid October for a long growing season. Push the onion set into the soil so the tip is just below the surface about 10cm (6”) apart. You may need to cover the ground with a net if birds start pulling them out thinking they are worms! Lift and hang as for garlic.

Red Winter

STORE NEWS: for planting this Autumn we have chosen the tried and tested popular varieties of Sensyu Yellow and Red Winter. Plant now – before mid October.

Growing Tips for GARLIC

Hard-neck peels more easily than soft-neck but has fewer cloves but soft-neck stores better. (Grocery stores sell soft-neck.)

Avoid planting in freshly manured soil. Plant cloves 15cm (6”) apart and cover by at least 2.5cm (1”) of soil. Garlic responds to 3 handfuls of Sulphate of Potash per metre length of row, worked into the ground in the month after it emerges. Keep watered from April and harvest as soon as the plants bend over. Lift and hang (or place in trays) in a warm dry place for 7-10 days.

Elephant garlic is not really garlic, more of a leek, excellent warm mild garlic flavour popular with cooks. Plant at least 2.5cm (1”) deep and 20cm (12”) apart.

Caulk white
Mersley White
Elephant garlic

STORE NEWS: This year we have chosen 2 new varieties of garlic to sell in our store. Caulk White is a hard-neck variety and Mersley White a soft-neck. We are still waiting for a delivery of garlic. There is a delay at the suppliers, possibly due to the hot summer. We will let you know as soon as the garlic arrives.

Barelaas – a taste of Nepal

Karma picking the barelaas on Plot 68
A delicacy in a stir fry

Barelaas or are a Nepalese delicacy – useful in a stir fry – and growing very well on plot 68!

Barelaa (Balsam Apple) – बरेला
Barelaa is a late summer vegetable measuring between 1 to 2 inches long, slightly curved at one end with soft and delicate texture. The pale green juicy fruit looks somewhat like a pointed gourd (parwar or parvar).  The vegetable is picked and cooked when it is young and tender.  The mature overripe ones have numerous black rough seeds, which should be removed before cooking.  Since this vegetable is very delicate, it cooks quickly.

with thanks to the Taste of Nepal blogspot… website here