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Now is the time for Root Cuttings

Root cuttings can be used to propagate a range of herbaceous perennials in late autumn or early winter when the plants are dormant. It is a particularly successful method for increasing stocks of oriental poppies and Verbascum.

Also suitable for Herbaceous plants, such as Acanthus, and Phlox

Why it’s a good idea to try:

  • Root cuttings require no special aftercare
  • Large numbers of new plants can be generated from each parent plant
  • The plants derived from root cuttings are relatively large and vigorous, especially when new growth is produced.
  • Root cuttings are taken in the quiet season in winter when gardeners’ hands are not as full as in summer
  • Plants from root cuttings are free of foliar pests and pathogens that might affect their parents, such as stem and leaf nematodes.

And here’s exactly how to do it- from the RHS… Read More

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