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Planet Friendly Gardening

The RHS have launched a Sustainability Policy to help gardeners make a contribution to tackling our climate crisis.

What we all do on a small scale can make a difference. The RHS say….

We all have a responsibility to help mitigate the climate and biodiversity crisis. As gardeners, we’re perfectly placed to support our environment through sustainable growing. Many of us are already planet-friendly gardeners, but there’s always more we can do or help to spread the word across our communities.
To coincide with our new Sustainability Strategy, we’ve put together ten easy tasks that all gardeners can complete to support their local environment. From watering the way nature intended, to making your own compost or growing your own flowers for bouquets – each and every one of us can make a difference in the climate crisis.

RHS Communities

Many of these suggestions are already in evidence on our allotments, but here’s one you may be interested in and could encourage others to do…

Here’s an inspiring set of ideas for Front Gardens….Read Now

And here are all the 10 suggestions ….Read Now

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