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Potato and Onion varieties 2022

Potatoes and Onions will be available from the Main Store from Sunday 16 January.
We will have 5 varieties of potatoes and 2 of onion sets as follows:

Potatoes are sold by the kilo and you can pick and mix.

king edward

FIRST EARLIES for planting late March/early April and Harvesting in June/July:

Swift: produces lots of small, round potatoes with short plants ideal for growing in containers.

SECOND EARLIES for planting early-mid April for harvesting in July/August:

Charlotte: a salad potato with slightly waxy yellow-cream flesh.

Estima: ideal for boiling and mashing if harvested early. If left in the ground it makes a good baking potato. Large oval tubers with a smooth skin and pale yellow flesh

MAIN CROP for planting in mid-late April and lifted in August for immediate use or in September/October for storing:

Desiree: oval red skinned tubers with pale yellow flesh. Heavy croppers that are tolerant of drought and show a good resistance to disease.

King Edward: has good keeping properties and above average disease resistance. Flesh is creamy-white.

ONION SETS: plant in February to April and lift when they mature in August.

Red Baron

Red Baron: produces flattish-round bulbs of dark red.

Sturon: produces straw-coloured bulbs.

The onion sets come in 200g bags.

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