Roehampton Garden Society

Store News for November

📚 The store is well stocked with a lovely selection of Kings seeds – all with a 10% discount.

🔮 It’s never too early to think about Christmas gifts for a gardener in your life – perhaps gloves, small hand tools and a pretty packet of seeds? Or plant labels, kneeler and a new watering can? The store has it all!

Please Note: The store will be closed after Sunday 5th December.

All our stock is very competitively priced – check the price list here.


Remember to sow your over-wintering Sweet Peas, Broad Beans, Peas, shallots and garlic before the cold weather hits.


Looking ahead to January 2022 make sure you have your seeds of tomato, pepper, celeriac, celery and aubergines ready to start off on the kitchen windowsill! We have several varieties of tomato seed in stock including some blight resistant ones (Crokini, Mountain Magic and the Organic Koralik). Some people swear by starting their sweet peas in January too.

You will find helpful advice on our website and can plan your whole year using our Planting Calendar here

DIARY DATE: Last date for the store opening is Sunday 5th December

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