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News from Putney Community Gardens

The gardening course: is back on this Sunday from 10am – 12 at Boyd Court (SW15 3DD) with Martin Cobley. This week (17th June) we’ll be looking at the composition of soil and maintaining healthy compost. If we have time we’ll be diagnosing our wormery and looking to nursing it back to health.

Watering: is needed! It’s getting hot and the beds could do with an extra watering every now and then. So if you’d like to help out, either at the beds or at the orchard or both, drop us a line and we can talk you and walk you through it. Some of the core gardeners will be away for some time over the summer so any extra hands on deck would be swell.

Youth workshops: On the 25th and 26th of June, together with Regenerate Youth Club, we’re running a couple of gardening sessions with young people from Putney Ark Academy in our community garden. If you’d like to volunteer to support these sessions, please do get in touch.

Sunday gardening: sessions are still on weekly from 10am-12. Meet us at the orchard on the corner of Carlslake Road and Tildesley Road.

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April/May 2017 Bulletin

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  • Growhampton – visit the weekly market in Digby Square
  • Lambeth Palace gardens open to visitors
  • Join a Sheffield University Allotment Project – MYHarvest
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Our next free visit to Wisley is on Tuesday 18th July