Roehampton Garden Society

Wisley Garden opens a new welcome centre

The RHS has opened it’s new ‘state of the art’ welcome building, which includes a cafe, restaurant, shop – including botanical bookstore and a new plant centre.

Watch the opening here

The plant centre is stocked with an amazing array of plants, showcasing British nurseries. At the opening on 10th June the RHS ambassador Alan Tichmarsh spoke about their important contribution to our horticulture.

Alan Tichmarsh said “Millions visit Wisley every year to be inspired by the horticulture on display and now the RHS flagship site will be a permanent showcase to celebrate specialist UK growers….. These plant specialists lovingly grow the rarest, most unusual and beautiful varieties in the world, which thrive in UK gardens because they’re so used to our climate….. I promise to help Greening Great Britain by continuing to promote and buy from specialist UK growers. If the UK’s army of 27 million gardeners were to do the same, we would be protecting the UK from pests and diseases coming in from abroad; helping pollinators which need a diverse range of plants in order to survive; and supporting this vital industry that is worth more than £24 billion to the UK economy.”

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