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Blooming Marvellous – the Putney Society starts a new campaign…

Putney is a great place to live but it would be even better if we could stem the wave of concrete burying our front gardens. If we all do our bit to turn our gardens green, together we can encourage wildlife, improve air quality, help to prevent flooding (by letting water drain into the earth and not down the drain) and enhance our health and wellbeing…..say the Putney Society

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Launching a Garden Award scheme in Central Putney, over two weekends at the beginning of May, they will be offering plants and garden advice to residents of central Putney. Come along to plant stalls at the corner of Burstock Road and Montserrat Road on 7 May and at the corner of Chelverton Road and Charlwood Road on 14 May (10am to 2pm) to see find plants suitable for containers or small front gardens as well as growing advice.

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