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How to store Apples

It’s a lovely thing to have a good crop of fruit – and this year has been good for apples. There are always more ready than we can eat, but, if carefully picked, you may be able to enjoy them for weeks ahead.

How long your apples will keep is all down to the variety and how they are stored.
Bramley seedling and Cox’s orange pippin may last well until Christmas, and others such as Pixie or Sturmer Pippin can keep as long as March. In general the early varieties don’t store quite as long.

All apples stored in a dark, cool place should keep for a month or two if they are undamaged. Store in a ventilated box or tray as good airflow reduces disease.

There is good advice on how to keep your apples on the RHS website here . See the useful 5 minute video from Jim Arbury, RHS Fruit and Trials specialist.

How to dry Apples

If you have apples to store, and enjoy dried apple rings or chips, try oven drying.

Your oven will need a slow setting (less than 150C, (300F) is ideal). Wash and dry the apples carefully, then core and slice thinly. Dip in dilute lemon juice to prevent browning in the air, and cook very slowly on a parchment covered baking tray. Turn after 1 hour – but the final drying time could be anywhere between 2-8 hours. Leave to cool in the oven.

Dried apple slices or apple chips will keep for months in an airtight bag.

Here’s some help and lots of detail from the website WikiHow