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What not to feed your hedgehog

You may, as I do, have childhood memories of leaving out a saucer of bread and milk for the hedgehogs and watching them visit in the early twilight.

We now know differently – bread and dairy products are very bad for them.

So – here’s the latest advice from SW Hedgehogs – who suggest dog or cat food – dry varieties are fine. Even commercial hedgehog food can contain some poor ingredients – so check carefully.

Fresh water is important for them – but make sure the dish isn’t too deep or easy to tip over- you can add stones to make things easier.

Hedgehogs are now considered endangered – so let’s try to help them…….

Watch out for: Dragonflies and Damselflies

Brown Dragonfly

Azure Damselfly

For those lucky enough to be near a pond….

A young lady, very interested in dragonflies and damselflies, asked me how do you know the difference between the two. For a five year old they are undoubtedly, beautiful fascinating creatures.

Dragonflies rest with their wings spread out, they are bigger than damselflies, their eyes meet on their heads, the males patrol a territory over water, a case in point is Albert’s pond.  The females fly and roam around the allotments, you may find yourself quietly looking at your superb dock or dandelion, to find your being checked out by a inquisitive dragonfly, calmly flying around you. They are curious creatures and will investigate things that grab their attention.  On Albert’s pond there are what I think is a Brown Hawker – brown in colour it chases the other dragonflies.

Also on Albert’s pond is an Azure Damselfly – identified by the bow tie at its tail end.  Smaller than a dragonfly, resting with folded wings, distinct separate eyes of a reddish tinge, it too is patrolling the pond, chasing rivals off this prime location.  Expect a Winkworth and Rightmove sign to go up over the pond, exclusively for our dragonflies and damselflies. 

Last night there was a beautiful flight of Gatekeeper on our allotments – enjoy!

submitted by Bill Young
gatekeeper moth

September 2018 Bulletin

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…and, thinking ahead, the store will soon have tulips, narcissi and allium bulbs for planting. Still time to sow some seeds – try rocket, kale and more…