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Hibernating wildlife – what to watch out for..

It’s the season – our wildlife is busy for preparing for the winter. Before we tidy up our plot let’s see what might be going on around us.
It’s not just hedgehogs – birds, bats and amphibians need protection from the winter weather….

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This article appeared on the Butterfly Conservation website, but is a newsletter supplied by CJ Wildlife, a commercial company.

Submitted by Bill Young

And take a look at this interesting article on hibernating creatures from the Woodland Trust

What not to feed your hedgehog

You may, as I do, have childhood memories of leaving out a saucer of bread and milk for the hedgehogs and watching them visit in the early twilight.

We now know differently – bread and dairy products are very bad for them.

So – here’s the latest advice from SW Hedgehogs – who suggest dog or cat food – dry varieties are fine. Even commercial hedgehog food can contain some poor ingredients – so check carefully.

Fresh water is important for them – but make sure the dish isn’t too deep or easy to tip over- you can add stones to make things easier.

Hedgehogs are now considered endangered – so let’s try to help them…….